One of the main reasons for doing these web sites is to try and explain to everybody the history of the footplate grades, the conditions they had to work in and the creation of the A.S.L.E.F. branches within the Brighton & Sussex area.

I am therefore very grateful for people sending me personal photos from their personal collection and for allowing me to display them on the web sites. But unfortunately what is missing, are the stories that accompany them. What I want to do is to try and remedy this by starting to record the remaining stories that are still out there, before they too are lost in the midst of time.

I have added some information about some of the drivers that I know and the comments that have already have been sent to me.

If you too have any stories about your own working life on the footplate, the people that you worked with and the conditions you had to work in please send me and I will post, on the web site.

If you are interested in helping me in capturing these stories by any means possible please let me know.

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1933 ~1995


  This web page is dedicated to all A.S.L.E.&F. members who have worked at

 West Worthing depot over the years, and it features A.S.L.E.&F. members who brought 

the trains of West Worthing to life.


West Worthing Motorman's (E.M.U.T.) Depot was opened in January 1933.

West Worthing A.S.L.E.F. members belonged to the Brighton Branch. Until the opening of the Motorman's 

branch at Brighton (No.2 branch) in May 1934. 

In August 1989 the West Worthing members transferred their depot's membership to the

 Littlehampton branch.

West Worthing depot was closed in 1995 (along with Bognor Regis & Littlehampton) and the majority of the 

drivers were transferred to the newly opened Barnham depot.



 West Worthing Shed c1933 


West Worthing A.S.L.E.F. members May 1934


Inside West Worthing Shed c1984

Ian Munro is seen on the right handside of the picture


 Left ~ Right   Bernie Noakes & fellow Sectional Council Rep. Bill Williams (Waterloo branch).

 Southern Region Sectional Council

Left ~ Right: Arthur Brockman (Guildford) & Bernie Noakes (West Worthing) Brighton No. 2 Branch


Frank Geal & Ken Pursley

 Johnny Hutson

 Ian Munro


Jim Cameron


Mutual Improvement Classes

in West Worthing Drivers Messroom


Familarising yourself with the Sexional Appendix 

 Left ~ Right: Alan Cane, Frank Geal Brian White & Ian Munro


Demonstrating assistance in the rear

 Left ~ Right: Jim Cameron, Brian White & Brian Pegg


 Out of gauge loading

 Left - Right: Alan Cane, Trevor Bundy, Ian Munro & Brian Pegg


Ken Punter 


  Alan Cane & Trevor Bundy



The driver standing in front of the West Worthing M.P. mail box is believed to be Roger Thomas (W.W. LDC). 

The driver on the Brighton to Littlehampton service is not known at this moment in time 

The man looking this way was one of the West Worthing chargemen, Dave Unknowon Keith Brown was another


Leading Motorman H.G. Pepperell who transfered to West Worthing in 1933. 


Left~Right lan Munro & John Osborne c1984



 Lew Churcher's last day of driving before his retirement in 1991.

Above Lew Churcher & Keith Brown





L~ R: Lew Churcher, Peter Ward (Guard Brighton),

 Tim Lavington & Bob Dorkings (L'ham)


 Alan Cane, Trevor Bundy, Ian Munro & Jim Cameron


 Left - Right: Johnny Hutson, Jim Parkes, Brian White, Brian Pegg & Jim Cameron



The photos below are taken from the Brighton Train Crew Fund Social of 1991.

The video was filmed Eddie Fordham to commemorate the centenary of 

the Brighton Branch of A.S.L.E.F. 


 Lou Churcher 

Receiving ASLEF retirement 



Mick Colley

John Hutson & George Pumfrey


Tom Smith 

Left Roger Thomas


L-R: Phil Plaine (Brighton), 

Lou Churcher & Harry Mitchell (Brighton)

 Ken Punter



 Photographic scenes around West Worthing from the early 1980s by Neal Cowdrey

 Croydon Training Centre Minder Driver course early 1990s

back row left - right: Tony Martin (Littlehampton) Garry Coombes (W. Worthing) Chris Edmunds* 

(Littlehampton) Dave Knight (Brighton) Alan Taylor (Norwood) Ian Munroe* (W. Worthing) John Carney* 


front row left - right: Paul Miles (L.Bridge) Instructor Tony Harper* (E'bne) Instructor Trevor "Chopper” 

Harris (Redhill).

* Formerly of Brighton depot(s)


West Worthing's weekly roster for week ending Saturday 29th October 1988 




 Left ~ Right: Wilf Jeans (Templecombe & Brighton) & Mick Colley (Yeovil & Brighton). 

Both Wilf & Mick moved East to Brighton Loco depot in the late 1950s/early 60s. this was due to the railways in 

the West Country starting to close owing to the Beeching era.

They both later transferred to West Worthing depot and spent many years as "Panel Foreman" at Brighton. They 

later become Train Crew Supervisors, Wilf at Brighton and Mick at Littlehampton.


 Above: Frank Geal & Left: Lou Churcher




 Left ~ Right: George Hilton (Seford), Vic Harris (Brighton), Ron Sheehan (Brighton), George Hever (Brighton) & Ian Munro



 Above Left: Tommy Smith (Brighton & W.W.)




 Left, Left ~Right: Cyril Hutchings (Brighton), Frank Geal, Les Bradford (Brighton), Ron French (Brighton)  & Ken Pursley


 Brian Franklin & Roger Thomas





Click on icon to see photos of the demolition of West Worthing shed/depot. 

Photos by Neal Cowdrey


 West Worthing Carriage sidings in 2008


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the history of the Brighton Branch of ASLEF 


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