One of the main reasons for doing these web sites is to try and explain to everybody the history of the footplate grades, the conditions they had to work in and the creation of the A.S.L.E.F. branches within the Brighton & Sussex area.

I am therefore very grateful for people sending me personal photos from their personal collection and for allowing me to display them on the web sites. But unfortunately what is missing, are the stories that accompany them. What I want to do is to try and remedy this by starting to record the remaining stories that are still out there, before they too are lost in the midst of time.

I have added some information about some of the drivers that I know and the comments that have already have been sent to me.

If you too have any stories about your own working life on the footplate, the people that you worked with and the conditions you had to work in please send me and I will post, on the web site.

If you are interested in helping me in capturing these stories by any means possible please let me know.

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  This web page is dedicated to all A.S.L.E.&F. members who have worked at 

Littlehampton depot over the years, and it features A.S.L.E.&F. members who brought 

the trains of Littlehampton to life.


 1955 A.S.L.E.F STRIKE 

Bognor & Littlehampton branch members

Photo taken outside Littlehampton Railway Station, back of the Co-Op in Albert Road.


This photo features Littlehampton Motormen and Bognor Drivers, Firemen, Cleaners & Motormen.

Only some names are remembered which include

Jim Ricketts (second row middle wearing black coat with white shirt collar opened).
Alec Lovell (Light coloured raincoat & Cap?)
Edgar Tuck (1st on the left standing wearing cap and rain coat)
Stan Janaway (standing behind the child) 
Fred Janaway (4th from the right back row)
Robert “Todd" Slaughter (6th from the left back row
Stan Joyce (at the back standing behind Jim Ricketts).
A. Janaway.



JUNE 1958

PAGE 219

A Social evening was held at the Globe Inn, Littlehampton, on 21st February, and was attended by members of the 

Littlehampton and Bogor Regis branches of the A. S. L. E. & F. and their wives. The occasion was the retirement of 

our Branch Chairman, Bro. Sid Easton.

Sid has been a real good Trade Unionist, and was at one time secretary of the New Cross branch.

A musical evening followed with Mrs. Miller at the piano - a social function enjoyed by all. Bro. Miller (Chairman) 

made the presentation  there was also a present for Mrs Easton.

To all those who kindly assisted in the special efforts for the widow and children of Motorman Johnston we thank 

you. The amount presented to Mrs. Johnston was £157 - 15s - 0d. the branch tanks everyone for their support.





 Construction of Littlehampton Carriage Sheds




page 58


SIR, - As I write we about to the latest “office boys brain child trust upon us. The designer of this monstrosity can 

have little or no practical knowledge of a Motorman’s duties. Firstly, only one column for departure and arrival 

stations. It would therefore seem that one will need two tickets at least for most duties (twenty minutes).

Then there is the twenty dollar question, actual departure times. How is a Motorman to record this whilst the train is 

in motion, with only one hand free, a notebook (if he is lucky), no writing desk, no light after dark, and no watch. We 

have just left a year with some unfortunate accidents, yet some irresponsible people are allowed to bring forth 

something that can only cause a distraction to a Motorman when engaged in his proper duty.







MAY 1960

PAGE 191

The quarterly meeting was held March 24 and 27. This branch now holds an evening meeting in addition to normal 

Sunday meeting each quarter. The success of this venture was apparent in that 80 per cent of available members 

attend the evening meetings. Good work, chaps! Remember, the life-blood of the Branch officers is the support of the 

members. No resolution on the Guillebaud Report was made, but its findings were discussed in some detail.

The liveliest discussions came during the submitting of items for the L.D.C. The main cause of complaint was the issue 

of uniform clothing, which year by year bears no likeness to an organized issue.

Another very sore point under discussion was the lack of messroom facilities at Barnham.

On the question of messrooms a letter from Brighton L.D.C. was read, which gave rise to some scathing remarks 

regarding the wooden lean-to shack which passes as a messroom at Brighton. It has since been rumoured, however, 

that a certain amount of progress is being made in providing more suitable temporary accommodation.

G.J. Knight,

Branch Reporter.





PAGE 258


The quarterly meeting of Littlehampton Branch took place on June 30 and July 3. The Chairman extended a welcome 

on behalf of all, to Bro. R. Tizard, who after two years away from the depot has now passed fit to take up his duties 

again at this depot. Good luck, Reg, and may you spend many happy years with us in the future.

The report on the wages award was read, and this was received with certain doubts and disappointments.

We at this branch now take pride in having 100 per cent A.S.L.E.&F. membership: the application for membership 

was received, and accepted, of the one and only “non” at this depot. 

G.J. Knight

Branch Reporter.



Stan Joyce

 Moved from Salisbury Loco to Bognor Loco (1951/2) then onto Littlehampton (motorman) E.M.U.T. (late 1950s), 

Stan finally moving to Waterloo in the mid/late 1960s.






As the year 1960 draws to a close it gives one cause for reflection on the past year’s work of the branch. It as been a 

year with which the members can be justly pleased, as we have achieved solidarity second to none, and satisfaction 

and understanding from the management on many of our problems.

The passing of the year, however has and meaning for this branch being to the retirement from the chair Bro. Frank 

Miller, who shortly retire from railway service. Bro. Frank at the time of writing, is unfortunately in hospital. His 

loyal a dedicated service to this branch in years even when not in good health himself, has been a shinning example to 


Congratulations to Bro. D.K. Pullen for his lively and humorous article in December Journal. Whilst enjoying his 

humour in this matter, it is to hoped that seriousness of underlying implications is not overlooked.

G.J. Knight

Branch Reporter








The Branch met on October 19, with the usual good attendance. Unlike many branches, we have no worries as 

regards attendance at our meetings: perhaps this is because our branch business is not carried on as a dull routine, 

but with an earnest view to altering our conditions, where ever man is made conscious of his own part in the machine, 

without fear that he will belittled by his comrades for saying his piece.

Or maybe it is because members are allowed to bring their “pint” from the bar into the meeting. This may be a rather 

unorthodox way of running a meeting, but under the able chairmanship of Bro. Jack Everson it works with much 

success. Other branches may do well to give it a try.

Our 10 per cent wage claim has now been turned down. This could have been expected in view of Government 

pressure on employers. Yet, alas! There are still a few of our fraternity so blind as to think that politics have nothing to 

do with the trade union branch room.

With the new arrangements for staff representation coming into force this and the Bognor Regis Branch have decided 

to apply for a joint L.D.C.

G.J. Knight

Branch Report












                                               TONY SQUIRES COLLECTION



Fred Janaway, Littlehampton ASLEF Branch Secretary.



JUNE 1991

I wish to thank Robin Thompson and Partners for al their efforts in bringing my claim to a successful conclusion, and 

I enclose a donation of £30 to the A.S.L.E.F. Orphans’ Fund

J. Sanders 



 Les Fulcher & Ken Michell




Many congratulations to Len Warboys on a very enjoyable weekend school at Southsea.

The choice of speakers was excellent. Getting Sir Bob Reid as a speaker was certainly a coup on Le’s part.

The General Secretary gave an informative talk on restricting and was as usual on top form.

Sara Leslie from the union’s solicitors spoke most interestingly on points of law and the latest Trade Union Acts.

It was good to see members of Sectional council among the ranks and their secretary Ron Lifford closed the weekend session.

A good time shared with friends and colleagues. I look forward to the next one, Len.

R. White

L.D.C. Secretary 




Left ~ Right Alec Lovell & Sean Morris 29.08.1986

The photo was taken by Bob Dorkings




Littlehampton Branch 1982 - 1992 tenth anniversary strike badges have been ordered and by the time this letter 

appears you should be receiving same.

it was necessary to collect money before going ahead as some £700 was needed. You will appreciate that this is 

difficult to find from your own pocket.

This was not a Branch funded venture but a personal one; we do not have those kind of funds in our Branch.

If anyone else would like a badge I will still take orders but it will be necessary to clear 250 to be able to get them as 

cheap. They cost £3 each.

May I wish all our readers a Merry Xmas and the best wishes for 1993. We have some hard times ahead. Let’s fight 

them together, not divided.

Bob Dorkings

Littlehampton Branch


 "Wheels grind to a halt for four train drivers

Retiring Littlehampton drivers in February 1994

Arthur Budden, Derek Fullick (G.S), Nigel Tippen, Jack Sanders, Bob Dorkings, Fred Janaway & Roy Turner



Motorman Fred Hutchings

One of Littlehampton's first 

motormen, when the depot opened in 


To read his story from click on the 

link highlighted below







Ron Chivers (Bognor, Vic 'C' & Fratton), Ron Smith (Ebne) & Gordon Rooke



Left ~ Right: Todd Slaughter & Nigel Tipen

Todd started his footplate career at Bognor Regis Loco Shed in c1950. Todd was to become the last footplateman to 

be taken on at Bognor Regis. With the closure of Bognor Regis Loco shed in November 1961, saw the work (4 turns) 

at Bognor being moved to Horsham and Brighton. Todd transfered to Brighton as a passed fireman and later moved to 

Littlehampton E.M.U.T.


 Trains on time

This video was filmed in the late 1980s and starring Nigel Tipen 

with guess appearances by Gordon Hatcher, Wilf Jeans, Fred Janaway, John Lillywhite & Peter Sargent.



Gordon Knight

Gordon Knight's father was a driver at Three Bridges many years ago although I did fire to him once on loan from Horsham, he was my mothers brother, my uncle so Gordon was my cousin, he was known as "Captain birds eye" I think because he had a boat, but that's a story for another day!!!

Informatiom courtsey of Rodney Burstow


Gordon was the motorman who featured in the orignal fast run between Victoria to Brighton

Gordon's grandson is a driver at Barnham Ashley Squires



Gordon Rooke



Back row Left ~ Right: Bob Maxim & Chris Chewter (L'hm Guard)

Middle Jim Cameron (W. Worthing), Ken Pursley (W. Worthing), Ken Skilton, Bill Locke & Jim Parkes

 (W. Worthing).

Front Ian Munro (W. Worthing) & Tony Squires (L’hm Guard).

Ken Skilton, Bill Locke & Vernon Cowdell (S. R. First Aid Chief Officer)



Peter Judge



Above Left ~ Right: Littlehampton Drivers

Ted Sylvester, Ernie Dimer & Non Railway

Left Ted Sylvester






Alec Lovell


JULY 2009




It is with deep regret that I inform you of the passing of two Littlehampton retired drivers.

Alec Lovell, a former Nine Elm’s footplate man, moved to Littlehampton to become a motorman, passed away on 20 March after a short illness. Alec was always a dedicated Chelsea fan. His funeral took place on 3 April at Findon Crematorium in Worthing. It was well attended by family and former workmates of all

grades. I did hear that Alec could be seen riding his bicycle around town until recently, but a year or so ago he took to an electric 3mph machine.

The funeral of Bob Morgan took place at the same venue on 7 April. Again it was very well attended by family, former workmates of all grades and the landlord of Bob’s ‘local’ on the Isle of Wight. Bob suffered a tragic accident on the River Medina when he was moving from his dingy to his new 40 ft boat. ASLEF was well represented including President Alan Donnelly and General Secretary Keith Norman, who said some comforting words on Bob’s behalf at the services.Fifty years had elapsed since Bob’s start on British Rail at

Brighton as a loco cleaner on 23 April 1959. Moving through the grades he went to Addiscombe in 1966 and a year later to Bognor. Littlehampton was his next port of call in 1988. When he was made redundant there he moved to Barnham in 1995. Later he took the position of shed shunt driver at Littlehampton and retired little under a year ago.

Ian Munro Retired Driver





Left - Right Unknown 1, Unknown 2 & Todd Slaughter



Left to Right standing Mick Nott, Terry "Barney Rubble" Edwards, Mick Gillam, Alec Lovell, John Sanders. Knelling is Jim Blyth.

The photo was taken at Littlehampton station en-route the way to the Nine Elms Reunion c2005.



APRIL 2016



I am sad to report the death on Christmas Eve of my oldest and dearest friend, John Gillam, known as Mick. He was 

71. He started cleaning, then firing, at Brighton, got his driving job at Coulsdon, and then moved to Littlehampton. 

His wife Sue became very ill and he took a traction inspector’s job so he could look after her, and retired early when 

she needed full-time care. But, like many of us, he never left the railway. He was at every reunion and get together 

because he loved the friendship and the banter between locomen. We shared a pushchair as two-year-olds, we started 

school, left school, and started work together. He had a sharp wit and a great sense of humour. We played golf 

together and often said, whilst walking the course, that we wouldn’t change anything in our lives. But I would love the 

chance to play another game with him. John leaves two sons, John and Glenn, and his partner Pam.

Spike Jones, 

Brighton RMS 



The photos below are taken from the Brighton Train Crew Fund Social of 


The video was filmed Eddie Fordham to commemorate the centenary of 

the Brighton Branch of A.S.L.E.F.

Jackie Sanders

Arthur Budden

Phil Isaacs

Todd Slaughter



Littlehampton Railway Social Functions

The Annual Oscar night, held in the Barnham Hotel during 1969


In the centre of photo

Left - Right: Arthur Shelley (Bog Guard (behind Charlie Fredericks) Charlie Fredericks (Dvr. Bognor Loco), 

Peter Warren, Ted Sylvester & Reg Hooker



Frank Humphries (L'ham Guard) Tim Turner & Ted Sylvester

Can anyone name the other people featured in this photo.


Wendy Hooker, Reg Hooker, Ted Sylvester & Mary Squires




ALAN PENTNEY COLLECTION                                         ALAN PENTNEY COLLECTION


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